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100 Bulgarian dishes

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Bulgaria is a country of diverse landscapes, thousands of years of turbulent history and an unexpectedly rich cuisine. Based on the ancient Thracian and Slavic culinary heritage, the Bulgarian cuisine also combines the great Ottoman, Persian and Greek traditions. These are reflected through the highly varied local natural conditions, 
way of life and the people’s soul and mentality.

Inspired by Bulgaria’s enormous culinary variety, experienced Chef Ivelina Ivanova has selected one hundred recipes. Some of them are typically cooked throughout the country while others have the unique character of a specific region. All dishes reflect the authentic Bulgarian taste to the greatest extent and are in keeping with the modern trends in healthy food.

Ivelina Ivanova has written numerous culinary books and is the Chef of the gastronomy website MENU (menumag.bg). 
She is the founder and leading teacher at the MENU Culinary School. Her successful career is the result of her tireless work in studying, applying and teaching traditional and modern approaches in the art of cooking.  She also has an innate talent for combining techniques and products in the creation of harmonious combinations – a genuine pleasure for any food connoisseur. Ivelina’s careful approach to human individuality allows her to adapt any recipe to personal taste, thus turning it into a unique work of culinary art in compliance with the world’s healthy food trends.




Издателство: Gourmet Publishing
Автор: Ивелина Иванова
Език: Английски
Вид корица: Мека


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